What is mybinaryprofits.com?
We are a unique advertising and marketing platform. We work on bringing high quality traffic to your website or/and affiliate program, and we also offer an opportunity for you to make money with us!
1: Paid To Click interface. *Also you earn 100% match from your downline clicks!*
2: Cash Back Advertising Rebates on Ad Pack purchases!
3: Earn from all downline purchases! 10% up to 50%. Each product on site will display how much you earn.

How can I join your program?
Register on the main page and in less than a minute you can have your own account.

Can I register if I am outside USA?
Everyone worldwide is welcomed here!

Is my personal information protected?
Yes. Any personal information that you provide to us is collected solely for use of your account and your information will never be shared, rented, sold or provided to anyone except as required by law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What payment processors do you accept?
We accept Payza. With more to come in the future.

What are the requirements to join?
You must be at least 18 years of age.
Members must read our TERMS OF SERVICE before joining.

Can I set up more than 1 account using the same IP?
No each account must have its own IP, email address, and payment processor account.

What is the service we're paying for?
You are paying for advertising.

Can I be a FREE member?
Yes you can stay a free member and earn through our Paid To Click interface and direct referral purchases.

Can I change the person who referred me?
No. We don't allow sponsor changes. Only accidental sign-ups without a sponsor will be corrected.

How much can I earn from each Ad Package?
When you purchase an Ad Pack, you earn 150% in cash back advertising rebates from all shared revenue including but not limited to overall site sales.

Do I need to click ads in order to earn?
Not at all! This is not a requirement.
But if you do click on ads you do earn money! Refer to the first F.A.Q. question to see all ways you can earn!

How do you pay and when?
We are intergrating INSTANT WITHDRAWALS through the payment processor. No waiting to be paid, instantly receive your withdrawal with a push of a button.

What is the minimum withdrawal Amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.00.

What is the maximum withdrawal Amount?
There is no set maximum.

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